Vertical Stacker


Eliminates the bottleneck that is created by every inserter due to the need to mail sort the output, which impacts on productivity and incurs unnecessary labour costs

This intelligent stacker is an in-house development by MTS, from concept through to the finished product, including software development. The function of the i-Stacker is to automate the sorting process of mail packs on the output of an Inserter or Inkjet system, either by mail break or batch count. The sorted items are presented to the operator, vertically stacked and each batch offset by 40mm. With a potential capacity of up to 2,000 mail packs, means that the operator is not “chasing the belt” and is able to comfortably operate the inserter whilst also bagging or crating the output.

The sorting process is achieved by a scanner, dynamically reading a code through the window of an envelope, as it exits the inserter or inkjet system. The codes that the scanner will read are: OCR ‘A and ‘B’, 1D and 2D data matrix.

The business driver for MTS developing the i-Stacker is:

  • Whilst companies are investing in inserters, capable of greater output speeds, they are faced with two problems in achieving mailsorted items, either operators reduce the speeds of the inserters to a manageable speed or companies have to deploy manpower on the output conveyor. In both cases defeating the purpose of their investment, which was to increase productivity and profitability.

The main benefits of the i-Stacker are:

  • It will cater for envelope sizes from C6 to C4
  • Capable of sorting at up to 15,000 packs per hour.
  • It will stack up to 2,000 mail packs
  • It is an autonomous device and therefore can be used on the end of any inserter, replacing the conventional output conveyor.
  • Delivers significant improvement in productivity as operators do not have to slow down the inserters.
  • It presents the operator with clearly defined, sorted mail packs.
  • Quantifiable return on investment through reduced cost of labour.
  • Provides data which can be used as management information or as an audit trail.