Taurus III camera matching system

This camera system builds on the already sucessful Taurus II system and has proved a resounding success having installed four systems in the last quarter. The main benefits being ease of use, versatility and value for money.

Feedline 14 – Product Development

Since the recent launch of the Feedline 14, it has generated considerable interest as it is an absolutely unique product, on both sides of the Atlantic. Case study – It was installed at Sterling Press in the Midlands on a 48 hour approval basis and the merits of the Feedline were very quickly recognised. The… Continue Reading

MTS-iStacker – Product Development

Following the launch of the i-Stacker, Paul Waddington of Propack in Huddersfield was the first to recognise and embrace the benefits that i-Stacker would deliver to his operation, with the primary ROI being labour saving. Case study – Propack have two inserters, each required two operators to run a job because of the need to… Continue Reading