Mailcrafters Inserters


This range of machines has been developed and modelled on the tried and tested Phillipsburg concept and is based on similar swing-arm technology.Key Features:

  • Available models are either a dedicated C5/DL machine or the Jumbo capable of DL, C5 and C4
  • Realistic speeds – C5 up to 7k per hour or C4 at up to 4k per hour
  • Sure-Feed friction feeders can be located in place of the input hoppers, offering greater flexibility with difficult inserts, bulky items or open ended documents
  • Matching – The addition of a Taurus camera system for matching of documents and ensuring pack integrity
  • Parts available from MTS at competitive prices

Light curtains


MTS recommends the use of light curtains, in preference to the standard safety covers, generally used on the swing arm range of inserters. The light curtains have proved to be a better alternative to perspex covers as they:

  • Provide a high level of safety
  • Eliminate reflections associated with perspex covers, which again tend to obsure visibility to the track.
  • Provide a clear view of the track, which is essential for set up and monotoring items, from the time they are fed on to the track until they are inserted into an envelope.