For BB300 compatible spare parts please click on the machine section below that you require parts for.

For compatible spare parts for BB600 & BB700 please contact MTS on 01708 377444 we will be happy to assist.

B1-001 Insert track pusher finger
B1-002 Insert Track Chain
B1-003 Inserting finger tips
B1-004 Inserting tip holders
B1-005 Green envelope jaw guide blocks
B1-006 Envelope jaw & bar assembly
B1-007 Envelope jaw spring
B1-008 Throat opening sucker clamping blocks (made from steel to avoid thread stripping)
B1-009 Tight pack envelope entering guide
B1-010 Flap holding plate
B1-011 Cam follower
B1-013 Connecting links for pusher fingers
B1-014a Pair of large main drive gears (1x25mm i/d bore, 1x30mm i/d bore)
B1-014b Pair of large main drive gears (2x30mm i/d bore)
B1-015 One way bearings & accompanying bearings
B1-016 Cam follower spring
B1-017 Insert pusher protection clutch (improved model including pulley) for MK1 model only
B1-018 Pusher finger drive sprocket
B1-019 Pusher finger drive chain
B1-020 Vane & filter kit for vacuum pump DVT380
B1-021 Insert entry guide tension adjuster
B1-022 Envelope entry point guide
B1-023 Envelope transprt clamping hub
B1-024 Upper cross drive coated roller
B1-025 Drive sprocket for back shaft
B1-026 Drive sprocket for feeder drive gearbox
B1-027 Pusher finger knockout clutch for MK2 and MK3 models
B1-028 Pusher assembly drive chain link
B1-029 Pusher finger knock out clutch flange for Mark 2 & 3 models
B1-030 Insert arm linkage and chain assembly
B1-031 Insert Point Hold down Guide
B1-032 Cross Drive Cam
B1-033 Envelope Jaw Cam
B1-034 Flap Plate cam
B1-035 Tight Pack Guide Cam
B1-036 Throat Opener Cam
B1-040 Insert point chain guide
B1-041 Pusher finger gear box, maintenance free, sealed & oil filled for MK1
B2-001 Rotary feeder gripping blocks
B2-002 Rotary feeder top jaws
B2-003 Rotary station vacuum valves
B2-004 Separator blower kit
B2-005 Blower tube joining pliers
B2-006 Station separator pins (sharp) & spring
B2-007 Station separator pins (blunt) & spring
B2-008 Main shaft for feeder
B2-009 Idler sprocket
B2-010 Steel ball & spring for feeder engagement handle
B2-011 Vacuum hose & spring for feeder
B2-012 Bearing for main shaft (large id)
B2-013 Bearing for main shaft (small id)
B2-014 Double detection arm (with DU bush)
B2-015 Rotary feeder kicker
B2-016 Feeder handle location hub
B2-017 Desdromonic cam for gripper jaws
B2-018 Gripper torsion spring
B2-019 Hook shaped gear
B2-020 Cam follower for hook shaped gear
B2-021 Double detection anvil
B2-022 Reinforced sucker bar for right hand feeders
B2-024 Cam Locating Hub
B3-001 Moistening atomiser unit
B3-001a Seal kit for atomiser unit
B3-002a Water solenoid valve
B3-002b Water solenoid valve connector
B3-003 Air compressor for water system
B3-004 O rings for sealer eject wheels
B3-005 Sealer transport roller
B3-006 Sealer eject wheel with groove for 'O' ring, including bearing
B4-001 Throat opening vacuum valve
B4-002 Optic refective sensor
B4-003 Insert crash detector
B4-004 DD proximity sensors
B4-006 Siemans PLC battery
B4-007 Machine & conveyor speed control potentiometer
B4-008 Barrel sensor 2nd generation
B4-009 PLC battery
B4-010 3 way connector
B4-011 4 way connector
B4-012 Round plug type shaft encoder
B4-013 Cable for encoder
B4-014 Solid state relay
B4-015 Insert arm knock out clutch sensor
B4-016 Cover interlock key
B4-017 Cover interlock switch
B5-001 Medium blue sucker
B5-002 Medium orange sucker
B5-003 Small blue sucker
B5-004 Large blue sucker
B6-001 Rotary feeder station upper
B6-002 Rotary feeder station lower
B6-003 Envelope feeder upper
B6-004 Envelope feeder lower
B6-005 Cross drive into sealer upper
B6-006 Cross drive into sealer small
B6-007 Sealer large
B6-008 Sealer small
B6-010 Standard Sealer vacuum belt, with two rows of punched holes (45mm wide)