Video 1 – 4 station Buhrs BB300

One of the most robust and versatile inserters, capable of enclosing into envelopes from C6 up to C4 and 220 square. It is configured with 4 rotary feeders on an 8 station bed. A popular configuration of the BB300 is to have six rotary feeders, complimented by a Sure-Feed SE1200 friction feeder. It cycles at 8,000 per hour and will enclose at up to 7,000 packs per hour.

Video 2 – 6 station C4 Bell & Howell Vitesse inserter

This inserter will enclose into envelopes ranging from DL up to C4 and at speeds up to 5,500 packs per hour. It incorporates a shuttle-fed envelope feeder, which enables a greater number of envelopes to be stacked into the hopper.

Video 3 – 6 station C4 Mailcrafters inserter

This inserter has been fully rebuilt to include a touch screen control panel and safety light curtains, replacing the original perspex covers. A unique feature of the Mailcrafters is the swing-arm envelope feeder, which enables ease of setup.

Video 4 – 4 station Bell and Howell C5 Vitesse

This inserter will enclose into envelopes ranging from C6 to C5 and can be seen here enclosing at the rate of 9,500 envelopes per hour

Video 5 – 6 station Bell & Howell Poststar inserter

This inserter will enclose into envelopes ranging from C6 to C5, at speeds up to 6,000 packs per hour. It is enclosing an item which has been folded to DL, along with an A6 card into DL envelope.

Video 6 – 8 station Bell & Howell 10,000 series with Sure-Feed SE900 EI

This inserter has been fully rebuilt, includes a touch screen control panel and safety light curtains to replace the original perspex covers. It is inserting 8 items into a C5 envelope, one of which is an open edged item fed from a Sure-Feed SE900 EI friction feeder

Video 7 – 4 station C5 Bell & Howell 10,000 series

This inserter will enclose into envelope sizes from C6 up to C5 and will achieve output speeds of up to 6,000 packs per hour as can be seen from the video.

Video 8 – Feedline 14 inline to a Buhrs BB300

This is an inline feeder folder device that can be integrated with an inserter whether it is swing arm, rotary or friction fed. It will feed an A4 sheet and fold it to either C5 or roll fold to DL and synchronises with the host inserter at speeds up to 14,000 sheets per hour.

Video 9 – Feedline 14 online to a Bell & Howell Vitesse inserter

The Feedline 14 is designed to operate with a variety of envelope enclosing machines, which can be a swing arm, rotary or friction fed devices. It can be seen here online to a swing arm envelope inserter running at 9,000 packs per hour.

Video 10 – MB 354 vacuum fed folder

The MB 354 is a vacuum fed, 4-plate folder that folds at up to 30,000 items per hour

Video 11 – Buhrs BB300 with Sure-Feed SE1200 PS

This is a one-shot feeder that delivers a single item each time a sensor is triggered. A standard feature of this feeder is double detection to stop the machine in the event of a miss or double. The feeder can be seen here integrated onto a BB300 inserting machine. It is also widely integrated onPoly-lines.

Video 12 – Buhrs BB300 with Sure-Feed SE1200 PC

This is a batching feeder that delivers items in selectable quantities (in this case 3). It ideal for applications where multiple items are required to be enclosed such as raffle tickets, coupons etc.

Video 13 – Sure-Feed SE900 EI friction feeder

This feeder is designed to work on C5 swing-arm inserting machine. It provides the flexibility to feed booklets, rigid items, open edged and ‘Z’ folded items.
The Sure-Feed SE1200 EI is available for C4 applications.

Video 14 – Sure-Feed Speed-Sort Output conveyor

The Speed-sort conveyor is used to automate the sorting process by either batch count or mail break, from a wide variety of devices, using an input from a camera system or counter.

Video 15 – Mercure Sealer

This device automates the sealing process of envelopes, from DL to C4, that have been manually enclosed. It is capable of sealing at up to 18,000 envelopes per hour.

Video 16 – MTS i-Stacker

This is a labour saving device, designed to automate the output sorting process from an inserter by either batch count or mail break, catering for envelopes from DL to C4. As mail packs are delivered to the i-Stacker a code is dynamically read through the window of the envelope, defining the break. This activates a kicker offsetting the pack by 40mm and then transports it to a vertically stacked position, providing the operator with clearly defined, sorted mail packs.

Video 17 – Buhrs BB600

This BB600 is configured with 5 rotary & 1 shuttle, servo driven feeders. Demonstrating it enclosing two items into a C5 envelope at the rate of 14,000 packs per hour, to the belt.

Video 18 – Taurus Camera System on a C5 Phillipsburg inserter

The cameras are reading a string of numerical characters printed in an OCR ‘B’ font, on inserts located in stations one and three. The cameras ensure that the items are matched between the two stations and also carries out a sequentially check.

Video 19 – GUK SAF 35-2 Vacuum fed folder

This is a 2 plate, vacuum fed folder that will fold at up to 35,000 items per hour.

Video 20 – Mail Integrity Platform (MIP)

The MIP has been developed by MTS to provide an audit trail and management information of every mailed pack, with a time & date stamp, even by operator if required.
Data is provided in CSV format and summaries as PDF reports.

Pegasus 320 Friction Feeder

A demonstration of the feeder feeding a single item on demand

Pegasus 320 Friction Feeder

Demonstrating the feeder feeding in batches of four items at a time, at normal speed & in slow motion.

Taurus 4 Camera Matching System

Taurus 4 Camera matching system demonstrating matching 2 x six character codes. The system comprises of a “Run” screen plus a“Camera Setup” screen for each camera.

Taurus 4 Font Reading Demonstration

Taurus 4 camera matching system demonstrating reading some of the most commonly used fonts in a variety of point sizes. It also demonstrates data being extracted from a Mailmark code being used for matching.